MONOKEI currently offers the following products as collaboration items as part of your upcoming projects. These products are available for keyset / keyboard group buys and other types of projects. 


Metal artisan keycaps available in Cherry, SA and other keycap profiles.

Hardened keyboard carrying cases available in S and M sizes.

More information here.



  1. Prepare relevant files and information
  2. Contact us with details of your proposed collaboration
  3. If approved, we'll work on the design and renders of that product


Essential Information

Please provide all information listed below before contacting us. Response is not guaranteed if you have not fulfilled these requirements.

You'll need:

  • Links to your interest check and / or group buy with a finalised date and a list of all vendors involved in the project
  • Choice of design and / or collaboration product
  • Files prepared in SVG format

Once you have these ready, just drop us an email to start a conversation. Do allow for 3-5 business days for your request to be processed, submission to MONOKEI does not guarantee a reply.



i. Please note that all correspondence regarding collaborations will be conducted via the email address provided only.

ii. Please do not submit requests for new design collaborations / vendor requests etc at this time.

iii. If you'd like to commission a MONOKEI product for your company, please contact us  for more information.



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