For internal use only.
S$43.00 S$20.00

Acoustic Deskmats

Beautify your desk.
S$112.00 S$100.00

BOX75 Plates and PCBs

A box that provokes.
S$27.00 S$23.00

ePBT Aesthetic

Inspired by the vaporwave visual themes of Floral Shoppe and Arizona Green Tea.
S$21.00 S$18.00

ePBT BoW Hangul

Inspired by the OG MS Tone Keycap set, designed by GaNeBaL.
S$15.00 S$13.00

ePBT Camo

Blending in.
S$28.00 S$20.00

ePBT Camo Deskmats

Blending in.
S$80.00 S$68.00

ePBT Camo x Salvun

Blending in.
S$30.00 S$20.00

ePBT Cool Kids R2 Deskmats

Be a cool kid.
S$17.00 S$15.00

ePBT Scandi

Scandinavian love.
S$26.00 S$20.00

ePBT Scandi Deskmat

Scandinavian love.
S$13.00 S$10.00

ePBT Soju

Inspired by soju.
S$75.00 S$64.00

Facets Kei Caps

Metal artisans by MONOKEI.
Keep it classy, keep it blue.
S$50.00 S$32.00


A refined black and gold set originally pitched by BeamingRobot and picked up by Zambumon in 2018.
S$42.00 S$34.00

GMK Metropolis R2

nephlock good. nephlock design. metropolis buy.
S$70.00 S$45.00

GMK NTD Kei Caps

Metal artisans by MONOKEI.
S$45.00 S$35.00

GMK Yuri R2 & Skydata

Designed by T0mb3ry - the man behind the Carbon colourway - GMK Yuri R2 is the second round of his set dedicated to the first ever human in space: Yuri Gagarin.
S$750.00 S$1.00

Haus: Extra Parts

Limited in stock.
S$29.00 S$25.00

Heno Confetti Deskmats

Heno heno MONOKEI.
S$40.00 S$34.00

Heno Confetti T-shirts

Heno heno monokei.
S$54.00 S$40.00

Heno Kei Caps

Heno heno monokei.
Sold Out

JTK Royal Alpha

Double the goodness in tripleshot.
Sold Out
MONOKEI x Jujutsu Kaisen. Now available as an official mouse pad.

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