Kei Caps and Metal Artisans

Inspired by the OG MS Tone Keycap set, designed by GaNeBaL.
Blending in.
Status Collating orders.
Scandinavian love.
S$200.00 S$120.00

Facets Kei Caps

Metal artisans by MONOKEI.
When furniture meets keyboards.
Status Limited in stock.
A love for fast cars.
Celebrating the miraculous constructions of past civilisations.
S$62.00 S$53.00

GMK Diner x Protozoa Keycap

Ketchup or mustard?
Biip boop!
Everything needs a good foundation.
S$84.00 S$72.00

GMK Kouhai x RAMA Keycap

Yet another purple set.
nephlock good. nephlock design. metropolis buy.
S$55.00 S$47.00

GMK Mika x MONOKEI Keycap

Inspired by the one and only Shiba Inu princess.
S$59.00 S$50.00

GMK Wasabi V2 x RAMA Keycap

Refreshingly spicy.

Heno Kei Caps

Heno heno monokei.
S$64.00 S$54.00


Metal artisans by MONOKEI.
S$70.00 S$40.00

MONOKEI x Dogethink

MONOKEI x dogethink, an INTERLUDE from MONOKEI x ともだち.
From S$60.00

Neko Kei Caps

Your purrfect companion.
S$88.00 S$75.00

SA Ramses x THOK Keycap

Inspired by River Nile in Egypt.
The friends we made along the way.
S$47.00 S$40.00

軽 Caps

Metal artisans by MONOKEI.

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