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From S$720.00

Jaguar V2

The Jaguar V2, made with MONOKEI.
S$154.00 S$121.00

JTK Royal Alpha

Double the goodness in tripleshot.
S$35.00 S$25.00


Keyboard protection in your favourite colours.
S$64.00 S$54.00


Metal artisans by MONOKEI.

MONOKEI Standard

Designed by MONOKEI.
Status In stock now.
S$70.00 S$40.00

MONOKEI x Dogethink

MONOKEI x dogethink, an INTERLUDE from MONOKEI x ともだち.
Designed by Lewis Flude, part of the MONOKEI x ともだち series.
Designed by Singa, part of the MONOKEI x ともだち series.
Status In stock; fulfilment begins 8 Nov 2022.
Designed by Yuktsi, part of the MONOKEI x ともだち series.
Status In stock; fulfilment begins 14 Sep.
From S$60.00

Neko Kei Caps

Your purrfect companion.
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Tactile switches made with 67g springs, some say more tactile than a Holy Panda.
S$92.00 S$85.00

Polycarbonate Wristrest

Perfection in polycarbonate, designed by MONOKEI.
Rubber feet for your keyboards and wrist rests.
S$31.00 S$24.00

SA 8010

Inspired by the Decision Data 8010 Keypunch.
S$88.00 S$75.00

SA Ramses x THOK Keycap

Inspired by River Nile in Egypt.

Seion Sheet

Designed by MONOKEI, made from PORON®.
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The TGR Jane v2 ME and 910 v2 ME in crimson red, made with MONOKEI.
Status Raffle sale only.
The friends we made along the way.
S$18.00 S$10.00

Tribosys 3204 Grade 0

3204 manufactured by Miller Stephenson. This mechanical keyboard lube is suitable for all switches and stabilisers.
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Keycaps by MONOKEI.
S$47.00 S$40.00

軽 Caps

Metal artisans by MONOKEI.

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