S$30.00 S$26.00

GMK Dots Deskmats

Biip boop!
S$30.00 S$26.00

GMK Foundation Deskmats

Everything needs a good foundation.
Everything needs a good foundation.
S$30.00 S$26.00

GMK Fuji Deskmats

Inspired by the colours and landscape surrounding the legendary mountain.
Controlled chaos.
S$84.00 S$72.00

GMK Kouhai x RAMA Keycap

Yet another purple set.
nephlock good. nephlock design. metropolis buy.
A small 6-key macro keypad that is fully programmable to suit your needs.
Sold Out
Inspired by the one and only Shiba Inu princess.
S$55.00 S$47.00

GMK Mika x MONOKEI Keycap

Inspired by the one and only Shiba Inu princess.
From S$95.00

GMK Monokai Material

Inspired by the IDE theme Monokai, designed by Oblotzky.
From S$34.00

GMK Parcel

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one click.
From S$41.00

GMK Patisserie

Inspired by Italian patisseries, this keyset brings the warmth and lightness of pastries and cakes through light pastel colours and cute novelties.
Sold Out
Of pastries and cakes.
S$30.00 S$26.00

GMK Wasabi Deskmats

Refreshingly spicy.
From S$35.00

GMK Wasabi V2

Refreshingly spicy.
S$59.00 S$50.00

GMK Wasabi V2 x RAMA Keycap

Refreshingly spicy.
S$45.00 S$35.00

GMK Yuri R2 & Skydata

Designed by T0mb3ry - the man behind the Carbon colourway - GMK Yuri R2 is the second round of his set dedicated to the first ever human in space: Yuri Gagarin.
S$80.00 S$65.00

h88c PCB (South-Facing)

h88c PCBs, designed by hineybush.
S$28.00 S$26.00

Heno Confetti Deskmats

Heno heno MONOKEI.
Heno heno monokei.

Heno Kei Caps

Heno heno monokei.
S$75.00 S$68.00

Hidari PCBs

Designed by Thesiscamper, part of the MONOKEI x ともだち series.
Status Limited in stock.
Sold Out
Designed by MONOKEI, part of the MONOKEI x ともだち series.

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