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From S$37.50

GMK Modern Ink

Inspired by modern design and expressionistic ink art.
S$70.00 S$35.00

GMK NTD Kei Caps

Metal artisans by MONOKEI.
S$41.00 S$20.50

GMK Patisserie

Inspired by Italian patisseries, this keyset brings the warmth and lightness of pastries and cakes through light pastel colours and cute novelties.
S$54.00 S$27.00

GMK Rudy x MONOKEI Keycaps

inspired by the classic American football film, Rudy.
From S$35.00

GMK Slasher

There's nothing to be afraid of.
S$35.00 S$17.50

GMK Wasabi V2

Refreshingly spicy.
S$80.00 S$20.00

h88c PCB (South-Facing)

h88c PCBs, designed by hineybush.
S$8.00 S$1.00

Haus: Extra Parts

Limited in stock.
S$29.00 S$15.00

Heno Confetti Deskmats

Heno heno MONOKEI.
S$40.00 S$20.00

Heno Confetti T-shirts

Heno heno monokei.
S$54.00 S$27.00

Heno Kei Caps

Heno heno monokei.
From S$75.00

Hidari PCBs

Designed by Thesiscamper, part of the MONOKEI x ともだち series.
Status Limited in stock.
Plates, PCBs and other accessories for Hiro.
S$19.00 S$9.50

Jaguar V2 Plates and PCBs

Plates and PCBs for Jaguar V2, made with MONOKEI.
MONOKEI x Jujutsu Kaisen. Now available as an official mouse pad.
S$35.00 S$15.00


Keyboard protection in your favourite colours.
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From S$30.00

Kei R2 Plates and PCBs

Kei R2 extras, limited in stock.
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From S$103.00

Kei v2 Bottom Case (65%)

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Kei v2 Kaban

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From S$53.00

Kei v2 MX PCB (60%)

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