S$35.00 S$20.00


Keyboard protection in your favourite colours.
S$40.00 S$25.00

KFE CE Plates and Weights

A bespoke low profile tenkeyless custom mechanical keyboard kit designed by bisoromi.
S$8.00 S$4.00

Rubber Feet (Pack of 4)

Rubber feet for your keyboards and wrist rests.
S$92.00 S$50.00

Polycarbonate Wristrest

Perfection in polycarbonate, designed by MONOKEI.
S$40.00 S$34.00

Heno Confetti T-shirts

Heno heno monokei.
S$19.00 S$16.00

Jaguar V2 Plates and PCBs

Plates and PCBs for Jaguar V2, made with MONOKEI.
Plates, PCBs and other accessories for Kage, 910 and Jane.
S$12.00 S$10.00

Seion Sheet

Designed by MONOKEI, made from PORON®.
S$80.00 S$40.00

h88c PCB (South-Facing)

h88c PCBs, designed by hineybush.
Plates, PCBs and other accessories for Hiro.
S$40.00 S$34.00


Heno heno monokei.
Plates and other accessories for Neko.

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