Kei SE

Kei R1 Updates & Extras

Hello everyone, the ship is finally in the process of docking at the Singapore port and we'll take some time to provide updates for R1 buyers and those looking for extras.


Kei (R1)


a. Seion【静音】Sheet:

We're happy to announce that all R1 buyers will receive a complimentary Seion noise dampening sheet. We encourage you to try builds with or without the Seion sheet and tweak it according to your preferred sound signature. Please note that the adhesive portion is for support and should not be stripped away unless you prefer having the sheet as a permanent fixture. 


b. R1 Buyers:

Extras will be released via email, you will receive an email detailing the additional parts you can purchase including:

  • Plates
  • PCBs (with daughterboard & JST cable)
  • Assembly Kits (70x switches + pack of stabilizers)
  • Lube

Each R1 buyer is limited to 1 extra plate and / or PCB. You may purchase additional 205g0 lube and Assembly Kits as needed. We've also now included the option of OA and Everglide switches as options for the Assembly Kits should you wish to purchase them instead of Pinokos. 

We will be selling extra units of Kei till later on, and will not be making that available for R1 buyers during their purchase period for extras.


c. Extra units:

Extras will be released on 7th November 2020, 10am SGT on a first-come-first-serve basis. We're looking to release limited amount of units of both SE and Standard versions. These will cost more.


Countdown timer here.


Kei (R2)

We're also happy to announce that more information will be made available after the extras sale. For R2 we will be introducing new materials and colours.


WKL lovers, this is for you.

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