Kei R2 - November 2020 Release

Kei R2 - November 2020 Release

We're excited to announce the second round group buy of the Kei keyboard kit. Here are some details regarding this release, you can read more about the conceptualising process of the board through this link.


If you're new to group buys / pre-orders, do give this a read.


1. Pre-orders:

  • Pre-orders open on 23rd Nov 2020, 9pm (GMT+8)
  • Pre-orders close on 2nd Dec 2020, 12pm (GMT+8)
  • Here's a helpful countdown timer.

2. Production:

  • Orders will be sent to the manufacturer in the first week of Dec, production should take 7 months.
  • Expected delivery to buyers by late Summer / early Fall 2021
  • For reference, R1 took approximately 5 months. We project a longer timeframe for R2 (keeping in mind CNY in Feb 2021).

3. Price :

Standard (excludes shipping):

  • SGD 570 / 580 for either solder or hotswap PCB kit
  • Aluminium top and bottom configurations
  • Brass bottom upgrade available

BE (excludes shipping):

  • SGD 700 / 710 for either solder or hotswap PCB kit
  • BE kits come in Silver or Titan Grey tops with a brass bottom

4. Kit Details:

All kits include:

  • 1x Top piece (aluminium)
  • 1x Bottom piece (aluminium or brass)
  • 1x PCB with daughterboard and JST connector
  • 2x O Ring Gaskets (1x 50A, 1x 90A)
  • Seion sheet (dampener)
  • Misc packaging
  • Screws & Allen key


i. Variants:

We're happy to include more colour options this time.



  • Blush Pink / Royal Purple / Olive Green aluminium top
  • Silver aluminium bottom
  • Standard , HHKB or Winkeyless tops
  • Brass bottom (sandblasted) upgrade option
  • Weighs 1KG before inclusion of switches / PCB


  • Silver or Titan Grey top
  • Brass bottom (sandblasted)
  • Standard , HHKB or Winkeyless tops
  • Weights 2.1KG before inclusion of switches / PCB


ii. PCB:

Please note that supported layouts vary between solder and hotswap versions. For more details, refer to this link from hiney keyboards.


  • Solder PCB with daughterboard / JST cable included
  • Supports Standard, HHKB and Winkeyless tops

  • Hotswap PCB with required daughterboard / JST connector included
  • 7u bottom row
  • Supports Standard, HHKB and Winkeyless tops supported


    iii. Plates:

    Plates can change the typing feel and acoustics of any keyboard. Some prefer half-plates for extra flex while others might go with the commonly included full plate. Here are some extra variants on offer:

    • Half-plate: Polycarbonate (frosted) , aluminium (silver), brass.
    • Full plate: Polycarbonate (frosted) , aluminium (silver), brass.


    5. Extras:

    We've also included more extras these time around for your purchase regardless of variant chosen. These can be purchased separately.


    Kei Caps:

    • Black keycap with gold infill
    • White keycap with gold infill
    • Japanese character "軽"



      • Hardened carrying case
      • 4 colours available (Blush Pink, Royal Purple, Olive Green, Titan Grey)
      • Supports 60%~65% keyboards
      • Internal dimensions: approx 34*12*4cm 
      • Supports previous editions of Kei


      Wrist Rests:

      • CNC milled Polycarbonate
      • 2 colours available (Frost White, Titan Grey)
      • Supports previous editions of Kei


      Stabiliser Kits:

      • Durock stabilisers
      • Comes with 4x2u, 1x6.25u and 1x7u screw-in stabilisers
      • Includes nylon washers


      6. Shipping:

      Out Of Singapore (ROW):

      • Due to the high value nature of the item, all packages out of Singapore will be shipped via DHL Express.

      Within Singapore:

      • Shipped via QExpress.
      • Pickups (TBC)


      7. Quality Expectations:

      While we strive to provide a perfect experience, no kit can be 100% flawless at our scale of production, as such the caveats are as follows:

      • No scratches on exposed / user facing parts of the keyboard (after installation of plate & PCB).
      • Possible marks close to screw area (top and bottom pieces).
      • Possible machining marks / micro scratches on the inside of the kit / pieces not exposed to the user. This includes scratches arising from anodisation hooks.
      • Minor anodisation variation.
      • Brass patina: brass as a material tarnishes over time, you can clean it but note that it's a form of oxidation that we cannot control. This includes the bottom piece and the plate.
      • Marks / streaks that are not visible after assembly.


      Please note that your purchase denotes agreement to group buy rules which include all the above.


      With that in mind, some changes we're making for this round includes:

      • Switching to hex screws
      • Inclusion of additional feet 
      • Inclusion of an additional o ring (90A) in addition to the original 50A


      The monokei community is always happy to help out if you've any questions. Feel free to join us on Discord or email us via our support mail.

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