Kei - May 2020 Release

Kei - May 2020 Release

We're excited to finally launch pre-orders for the Kei 60% kit.

Here are some details about this release, you can read more about the conceptualizing process of the board though this link.

A note due to the current situation - please note that all orders cannot be cancelled once the buy concludes. We will have more Kei releases in the future and as such, feel free to hold off on this round if your finances do not permit such a purchase at this time. Stay safe out there.



Time / Date:

  • Pre-orders open on 11th May 2020 , 9am (GMT+8) 
  • Pre-orders close on 23rd May 2020, 10am (GMT+8) 
  • Here's a helpful countdown timer.


  • Orders will be sent to the manufacturer in the final week of May, production should take 4 months.
  • Expected delivery to buyers in late Q3 2020.


Price (excludes shipping):





Kit Details:

All kits include:

  • 1x Top piece (aluminium, silver)
  • 1x Bottom piece
  • 1x Full plate (aluminium, silver)
  • 1x PCB with daughterboard and JST connector
  • 1x O Ring gasket
  • Misc packaging and screws




  • Silver aluminium top (HHKB or 60%)
  • Red or blue aluminium bottom
  • Silver aluminium plate
  • Weighs 1KG before inclusion of switches / PCB



  • Silver aluminium top (HHKB or 60%)
  • Stainless steel (polished, user facing) bottom
  • Silver aluminium plate
  • Weighs 2.1KG before inclusion of switches / PCB



You may purchase these extras regardless of variant chosen.



Please note that supported layouts vary between solder and hotswap versions.


Kei Solderable PCB supported layout

  • Solder PCB with required daughterboard / JST connector included
  • HHKB and Standard tops supported

 Kei hotswap PCB layout

  •  Hotswap PCB with required daughterboard / JST connector included
  • 7u bottom row, HHKB and Standard tops supported



Plates can change the typing feel and acoustics of any keyboard. Some prefer half-plates for extra flex while others might go with the commonly included full plate. Here are some extra variants on offer:

  • Half-plate: Polycarbonate (frosted) , aluminium (silver), aluminium (red), aluminium (blue).
  • Full plate: Polycarbonate (frosted) , aluminium (silver), aluminium (red), aluminium (blue).



Out of Singapore (ROW):

  • Due to the high value nature of the item all packages out of Singapore will be shipped via DHL Express, UPS or Aramex. 

Within Singapore:

  • All kits are shipped via Qxpress or Ninjavan due the tracking tools they provide. We'll monitor the evolving COVID-19 situation and switch shipping carriers for local shipments if required.


Quality Expectations:

While we strive to provide a perfect experience no kit can be 100% flawless at our scale of production, as such the caveats are as follows:

  • No scratches on exposed / user facing parts of the keyboard
  • Possible machining marks / micro scratches on the inside of the kit / pieces not exposed to the user
  • Possible micro pitting for stainless steel bottom visible under harsh lighting
  • Minor anodisation variation

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